YP Business Profile Page - Mobile Redesign

YP.com (yellowpages.com) is a media company dedicated to connecting local businesses with a ready-to-buy audience with nearly 50 million visitors each month in the U.S. With the majority traffic coming from mobile, YP is investing big time to bring a fresh look to the mobile site that hasn't been touch for years.


  • Increase leads (call and website).
  • Create differentiation between free unclaimed and claimed listings.
  • Modernize the design and improve usability with a better information architecture.
  • Retain SEO value.

Competitive Research

Comparing what other similar companies did for their mobile and desktop site.


Challenges and Solutions

How to increase leads?

In the old design, we had Write a Review as the primary button above the fold, however, after a careful analysis and looking at YP users mobile pattern, we found that 3 main buttons that had the highest traffic were Phone, Direction, and Website, therefore, we decided to group these main buttons into one section above the fold.

Information Hierarchy

Mobile devices had a very limited space and we want YP users to easily find the information they needed. Therefore, we researched a common mobile pattern data and conducted a survey to find out what were the information users wanted to see when they landed on a Business Profile Page (BPP). From then, we carefully ordered and organized the information.

What would differentiate claimed and free unclaimed listing?

YP valued advertisers and claimed businesses highly, because of this reason, we wanted to make sure their business page stand out more compared to the unclaimed page. Therefore, we came with a cover photo for claimed business page to make the page look more dynamic and colorful. 








Before and After

Visit live mobile site here.


With the new design, we collapsed the "More Info" section so all content below move up, including Reviews, People also Viewed, and AdSense (Ads by Google). The overall design change results:

  • +49% clicks to Business Profile Page - that's about 17k incremental/day
  • +12% Phone call
  • +34% Website clicks
  • +45% AdSense
  • +22% Directions

This update was the first of many steps to improve YP Mobile. We're still working on continuous improvement, such as CTA design explorations, 3rd party data ingestion to enrich YP content, SEO, UGC simplification, Lead Delivery Forms, etc.