Original Design

                               Original Design

Review Flow Concept (YP iOS and Android App)

The goal of this project was to increase user activity on Business Profile Page by simplifying the review flow.

Problems and Solutions

Users have to write a minimum of 100 characters to submit the review

When we user tested this review flow, we found users were having difficulty to finish writing their review. We learned user started to use "space bar" to fill in the character limit or even not completing their review. Writing a review should be quick and easy, therefore we decided to eliminate the minimum character and give the freedom to write as much as they wanted to.

Summary for subratings are not displayed

In our current design, we had subratings for different categories, for example: service, food, and atmosphere for restaurant category. However, this information could only be seen on user's individual review, there's no summary of these subratings. How could these info be helpful for users if they just need a quick glance? Based on the survey, users care more about the overall rating. So having additional subratings were not beneficial when it's not displayed properly. Therefore we decided to bring a new look where we show review average, percentage for each star ratings, and main attributes that people liked.

No Review Guidelines

A lot of times users had difficulties to write a review because they're not sure what to write. Other similar apps typically provided users with a hint text, tips, or what other people has wrote. It might help users to start writing their review, but was it enough? A lot of times we found not very helpful reviews, for example: a long reviews that talked about one came to a restaurant with their cousins to celebrate their birthday. Would this type of review helpful for user to decide whether to go to this business? We wanted to guide user to write necessary content. A content that would help others to decide, and also brought SEO benefit for YP. Therefore, we came up with "Review Suggestions" button that would also save users some time typing all these characters.

Internal Survey (87 Responses)

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